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Archives: December 2023

Are Green Powder Drinks Good for Bariatric Patients

Green juice drink in glass with lemons

In today’s world of “disruptive” foods, drinks, and supplements, there’s no shortage of options or marketing hype. One type of supplement that has made the rounds of the podcast steer. Some green powders claim to offer a barrage of benefits, from digestive health to vitamin and mineral optimization. With the podcasters and other online influencers backing some of these products, we wanted to see if they make sense for somebody in their post-bariatric surgery life. Now, it’s essential to understand that we can only offer general guidance on suitability. Every person is different. So, speak to your doctor and bariatric surgeon before changing any supplementation routine.

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Why You’re Probably Consuming More Calories Than You Think and Need

Woman eating salad with fork, mouth open

One of the most complex parts of the post-bariatric surgery lifestyle is controlling and tracking how many calories you consume. However, this is also one of the most critical parts of successful, long-term weight loss. When we talk about the calories in, calories out paradigm, you might think it’s relatively easy to track through one of the many useful calorie-counting apps. However, our patients often underestimate their calories while taking far more than they need. Let’s discuss this further and see why it happens.

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