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Archives: October 2023

Why Excess Weight Wreaks Such Havoc on the Joints

Man holding knee while stretching out foot

Excess weight and obesity have been definitively linked to osteoarthritis, the early degeneration of the joints. As the prevalence of obesity and morbid has increased in the United States and worldwide over the past few decades, we have seen an increasing number of patients who visit us with serious and sometimes debilitating knee, hip, and back pain. We have seen more of these patients, typically younger than in years past.

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Top 10 Hurdles After Bariatric Surgery

Woman eating salad in kitchen

We’re often asked about the biggest hurdles you will face after bariatric surgery. Yes, we aren’t joking when we say the hard part begins AFTER surgery. However, it is by no means impossible, and thousands of our patients who remain successful in their life changes are a testament to that. Dr. Abbas reviews the TOP 10 milestones and obstacles you will face during your weight loss journey. Get ready for them and embrace them! After all, what comes on the other side is a very sweet victory.

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