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Non-Surgical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss (Non-Surgical) Program

While our program is comprised of leading weight loss surgeons in the Jacksonville area, we also recognize that not every patient is ideally suited for bariatric surgery. For some, surgery may simply not be an option because of their general health or prior surgical treatments. Others may not wish to undergo surgery, but prefer to try something more intensive than self-directed dieting. Lastly, some may be suffering from the diseases associated with obesity, but simply do not qualify for surgery.

The Benefits of Supervised Medical Weight Loss

Supervised medical weight loss has many benefits over self-directed diet. First, and most important, is the support offered by this kind of program. Having a team of clinicians supporting you throughout your weight loss journey helps ensure a more successful course.

Second, having the supervision of a qualified medical professional avoids many of the pitfalls of dieting at home. For example, many patients do not realize that in their quest to lose weight they actually over-diet; depriving themselves of important calories and nutrients and making their diet unsustainable. The result is often frustration and gaining weight right back – often even more than before. Our dieticians and program administrators work with you to create a custom-tailored plan for optimal safety and effectiveness.

Finally, participating in a medically supervised diet can help satisfy your insurance company’s qualifying criteria for bariatric surgery in case you should choose that route at a later date.

Weight Loss Medication

A new generation of weight loss medications is now available to qualifying patients. For certain patients, weight loss medications may be appropriate and can be highly effective. Some patients, however, will find the medications have unwanted or unacceptable side effects – or the medication begins to lose its effectiveness over time.

The biggest consideration involving medication, however, is that it is not permanent nor curative. Patients will likely lose weight, sometimes rapidly, while on medication. However, once the medication is stopped, patients may begin to regain their weight. As such medication is typically only one part of the overall plan.

Gastric Balloon – What We Don’t Do

The intragastric balloon has become a popular non-surgical weight loss option for patients that either do not qualify for, or do not wish to undergo bariatric surgery. The method of effectiveness involves the temporary (6 month) implantation of a saline-filled balloon combined with a 1-year diet program.

While patients may lose some weight with this device, the method of weight loss is not permanent, and many patients will begin regaining weight soon after the balloon is removed. Additionally, the balloon is not covered by insurance and patients will have to pay upwards of $8,000 out of pocket.

Please contact us to learn more about our non-surgical medical weight loss program. We look forward to working with you to improve your health.

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