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Scoping Out Cancer: News4JAX’s Bruce Hamilton takes you into the operating suite with Dr. Crean

Colorectal cancer is fairly common, but is highly treatable if caught in its early stages. News4JAX’s Bruce Hamilton takes you into the operating suite with a very personal story.

Scoping Out Cancer: Bruce shares more on the response to his personal story

News4JAX’s Bruce Hamilton shared a personal story involving screening for colorectal cancer. The story generated a powerful response, and we look at the impact and awareness it has generated.

Dr. Crean Discusses COVID-19, Stress, and Hemorrhoids

Dr. Crean joins News4JAX to talk about how the stresses of today can lead to unwanted hemorrhoids. He crushes myths and provides tips on how to maintain healthy bathroom habits.

Dr. Abbas Raises Awareness About Hernias

Dr. Abbas joins News4JAX for National Hernia Awareness Month (June) in order to discuss what exactly a hernia is: its causes, symptoms, and treatment options.

Dr. Webb Talks Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. Webb was invited by First Coast Living to discuss gastric bypass surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, and the duodenal switch.

Dr. Abbas Discusses Obesity and Weight Loss Surgery

The weight loss journey does not end after surgery. Dr. Abbas talks to News4JAX about how healthy habits are essential to a healthy life.

Robotic Weight Loss Surgery at Memorial Hospital

WTEV-47 features the cutting-edge robotic surgery performed at Memorial Hospital. A healthy and happy patient shares her story about how robotic weight loss surgery changed her life for the better.

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