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After Weight Loss Surgery

Necessary Lifestyle Changes After Weight Loss Surgery

While you may have heard someone call bariatric surgery the “easy way out,” as a bariatric patient (or someone who knows one) you will quickly learn that surgery is not a quick fix. It requires serious dedication and hard work. Choosing weight loss surgery is a very personal decision, and one that requires a huge commitment to long-term lifestyle change. For individuals who have reached a body mass index over 40, studies show that fewer than 5% find success in losing significant amounts of excess weight and maintaining weight loss with non-surgical means. Bariatric surgery has been proven as an effective means toward sustained weight loss, but this doesn’t occur without major changes made by the patient in conjunction with their new, helpful tool. Some of the most important considerations after surgery include:

At MASJax, our team is focused on being there for you every step of the way. Your relationship with us does not end with surgery. We are here as your resource and to support you in your success. Bariatric surgery has proven to be the most effective means for sustained, major weight loss and we are dedicated to helping you realize your goals and find a healthier, happy life. It won’t be easy, but most patients find the hard work is well worth it.

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