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Archives: November 2023

Why Do My Back and Joints Hurt After Bariatric Surgery?

Man holding back while doctor touches it with both hands

You’ve likely been told that many of the aches and pains associated with obesity are because of the excess weight and strain placed on your joints due to the added weight. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that, as you lose weight, those joints and the pain should get significantly better. Obesity launches a two-pronged assault on the body, particularly the joints. On the one hand, the excess weight places additional strain on the joints, making it more difficult for patients to move freely and, over time, wearing away the thin cartilage layer separating bony structures. This is known as osteoarthritis. However, adipose or fat tissue also contributes to chemical releases that attack the joints and break them down further. If obesity is so bad for the joints, why then will many patients experience aches and pains after bariatric surgery?

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What Is Fatty Liver Disease, and Why Does It Matter?

Doctor holding fake liver pointing to it with pen

When we talk about liver disease, and in particular cirrhosis of the liver, our mind often takes us directly to alcohol. After all, we’ve been told repeatedly of the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. There is a significant concern, both physical and psychological, associated with drinking too much. Yet, we can’t forget the fact that most fatty liver disease is not due to alcohol at all but excess weight and obesity.

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