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Another Reason to Lose Weight and Get Healthier – Your Kids

April 6, 2022

Grandmother prepares a healthy meal with her daughter and grandsons to promote healthy habits with the whole family after her bariatric surgery at Memorial Advanced Surgery in Jacksonville, FL

One of the most common reasons our patients consider bariatric surgery is that they want to be around for their kids or grandkids. This is a great reason to get healthy and a noble goal for getting started on a weight loss program. However, a more profound and arguably even more important reason revolves around those same kids. Kids tend to mimic and follow the behaviors and habits that they see from their parents and grandparents.

So yes, while you may get to enjoy your kids more than you do now, you may also be saving them from severe metabolic disease later in life.

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Caffeine’s Place in the Bariatric Diet

March 9, 2022

A cup of coffee might be enjoyable, but should you give us caffeine after weight loss surgery

Today we will be talking about caffeine, a staple in just about everyone’s diet. Whether it is coffee, black, or green teas, chocolate, or sodas, caffeinated products are ubiquitous in modern-day society. Over the past several decades, we’ve heard mixed reviews about caffeinated products and caffeine. Are they helpful or hurtful? Can they help you lose weight, or do they make you hungry? The data is all over the map. However, there are some steadfast rules that bariatric patients need to follow to ensure that their caffeine consumption is not detrimental to their health and their weight loss after bariatric surgery.

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Navigating the Pre-op Bariatric Liver Shrink Diet

February 9, 2022

A pre-op liquid diet based on primarily protein shakes can feel overwhelming, but the bariatric team at Memorial Advanced Surgery shares tips

Depending on your circumstance, your bariatric surgeon may require that you participate in a low-calorie preoperative liver shrink diet, lasting anywhere from five days to two weeks, several weeks prior to surgery. This diet is very restrictive and like what you will experience in the liquid diet for the first week or so after surgery. And there is very good reason for this. When we perform bariatric surgery, we are visualizing the abdominal cavity and stomach. The liver is close by, and a larger, fattier liver means less visibility. As you can imagine, visibility is one of the most important components of a successful laparoscopic or robotic surgical procedure.

With our patients suffering from morbid or even extreme obesity, the safety and effectiveness of the bariatric procedure may be compromised without this preoperative diet.

How Do I Get Through This Diet?

Many patients look at the pre-op liver shrink diet with trepidation. How is it possible to eat just several hundred calories a day and keep my head on straight? To be sure it is daunting; but we first must remember that this is a necessity for a safer and more effective procedure. As such, it should be taken seriously.

Second, this pre-op diet gives you a glimpse into what you will experience in the first weeks after bariatric surgery. Remember, today you have all your faculties about you, but after surgery, you will be recovering from physical trauma, as well as some brain fog associated with the anesthesia and maybe a couple days of narcotic medication. Knowing what to expect now can help you be sure to follow the appropriate diet later.

Third, remember that the first two days are the hardest and it gets easier from there. You may have tried to fast before, and you’ll probably remember that you had a day or two of feeling downright terrible — hungry, headache and more. This is totally normal and usually subsides by day three. In fact, halfway through your first week, you should feel more energy and just feel better than you may have in a long time.

This is also a reminder of what a big decision you’ve made. You may have had your share of naysayers tell you that bariatric surgery is the easy way out. However, nothing could be further from the truth. This is the first glimpse of the challenges you will face as you lose weight and change your life. Nothing is easy, so be sure to redouble your efforts and follow your pre-op diet closely. It’ll serve to get you started on the right track.

Finally, remember that you are not alone. You can always contact us for guidance. Beyond our practice, which will be side-by-side with you throughout this journey, there are friends, family members and prior bariatric patients who can support you and cheer you on as you claim your new life.

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Five Food Substitutions You Can Start Tomorrow

January 7, 2022

Balanced packed lunch and water flavored with citrus are easy swaps for a healthier day according to weight loss doctors at Memorial Advanced Surgery in Jacksonville

Sometimes we are under the impression that to gain success in weight loss and better health one must make some drastic changes. After all, we didn’t get into this position by having an extra carrot stick or two or over-indulging in green smoothies. We likely got into a routine and never managed to, or wanted to, find our way out. But what if I told you that getting out of those weeds can be as easy as the way we got in?

One thing nutritionists and trainers always seem to stress is that the place you are in now was not an overnight detour. Choices were made and, in truth, that is the only way to get right back on the path. But you don’t jump from the middle of the forest to the path. You find a clearing until you find another clearing and eventually these pathways lead you to certainty and safety.

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Habit Stacking

December 10, 2021

We’ve all done it. We wait… for Monday.

Habit stacking helps you add healthy behaviors like staying hydrated according the Memorial Advanced Surgery

You know what I’m talking about. Let me go through the pantry and freezer and finish off what really shouldn’t be here on Monday when I start “the diet.” Doesn’t matter what diet it is, doesn’t matter what is going to be restricted or limited, we’ve all assigned an imaginary start date to what should be the rest of our lives. If you think about that, much like the dieting mentality in general, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Because anything that starts ultimately also must end.

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Decoding Labels: What is the Skinny on Sugar and Fat with Jenny Hamm, MasJax Nutritionist

November 16, 2021

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What To Eat and What to Avoid for Optimal Gut Health

October 29, 2021

Most Americans are concerned about their health to some degree. And while there are certain diseases that rightly get plenty of attention, others, including those of the colon don’t get nearly as much press as they deserve. In fact, colon cancer is a leading killer of men and women in the United States, but it also represents one of the most preventable and treatable cancers. Unfortunately, however, many patients do not prioritize their colon health the way they should. Cancer is not the only concern when it comes to colon health. Several conditions that affect the colon can be disruptive, or in some cases, even life-threatening if left untreated. While gut health is often a sign of general health, there are certain foods we can eat and others to avoid to keep our guts as healthy as possible, even in our later years.

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Are Meat Substitutes All That They Are Hyped Up to Be?

July 2, 2021

Meat substitutes, made to look and taste like meat, but are actually vegetable based are the new rage. As vegetable substitutes for meat, and beef more specifically, they have cracked the code (almost) of offering the taste and texture of beef. While this may seem like a win-win for anybody concerned about ground beef, which is typically loaded with saturated fat, the reality is that these vegetable-based beef substitutes may not offer much of a benefit. Specifically, while they are not made of beef products, they may they still contain a good deal of saturated fat and calories, which can wreak havoc on the bariatric diet. They can cause dumping syndrome in gastric bypass patients and generally add little extra nutritional value to the meal. Beyond the nutritional pitfalls, many people believe they have a free pass to have a soda, fries or onion rings that one would often have with a burger.

Burger patty made of meat or meat substitute. Are meat substitutes a healthier option? Memorial Advanced Surgery logo in bottom corner.

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Does A Gluten-Free Diet Make Any Difference in Weight Loss?

June 18, 2021

Gluten free stamp in green on brown package paper. Is a gluten free good for weight loss? Memorial Advanced Surgery logo in corner.

Many patients begin to consider eliminating certain items from their diets. Often very high on the list is gluten. Gluten is a byproduct of wheat and is contained in most breads as well as a host of other items. In fact, gluten is almost ubiquitous and very difficult to avoid. There’s even gluten in Play-Doh! With that being said, someone who is committed to a gluten-free diet can enjoy a number of foods that are made specifically for those who suffer from gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. With greater awareness of these conditions, more and more products have been brought to market that both taste good and make a pretty good substitute for bread. Continue reading

Does Organic Food Help You Lose Additional Weight?

May 28, 2021

Alongside the question of whether organic food may or may not allow you to lose more weight, there is also the question of whether you should be eating organic food for your general health. And the answer to both is… it depends. Just as with any decision about food, so much depends on your particular circumstances and your goals.

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