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Archives: January 2024

Diverticulitis vs. Diverticulosis

Woman holding stomach clenching in pain

The colon or large intestine balances hormonal secretions and keeps us healthy. Its uses are far beyond what the casual observer would consider a simple waste-collecting and bulking facilitator. However, to do its job, the colon requires a healthy balance of fiber and hydration, amongst other things. Even our habits play a role in the health of the colon. For example, straining on the toilet, sitting on the toilet for too long, and plenty of other bad habits can cause problematic changes.

When the colon is healthy, it looks like a smooth tube. Of course, there are undulations, which you’ve probably seen when looking at your results after a colonoscopy. However, small pits or cavities, known as diverticula, can form along the colon. This leads to a diagnosis of diverticulosis. Some of the most common causes of the formation of diverticula are: Continue reading

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