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Archives: August 2023

Can You Lose Weight Without Exercising?

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Diet and exercise. DIET AND EXERCISE. It’s something drilled into you from a very young age, and it’s the mantra you will hear repeatedly after bariatric surgery. Of course, while we understand that bariatric surgery is a fantastic tool, ultimately, it is up to us to maximize our results and improve our lives by eating well, moving, and stressing our muscles. The combination of proper diet and exercise is a lifestyle change. This lifestyle change is more than just a fleeting whim, it is the new normal for our patients going forward, and it is what gets them to maintain the fantastic results they may have achieved in the months and years so far after bariatric surgery.

But is diet and exercise like love and marriage? Can you have one without the other? Today we will discuss whether you can lose significant weight through diet alone, without exercising.

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The Most Effective Weight Loss Options for Every BMI

Scale and healthy fruits and vegetable lying on pink backdrop

Most of us have been looking for sustainable, long-term weight loss for much of our adult lives. But the best way to approach this goal can vary depending on your body mass index or BMI. BMI is arguably an outdated but ultimately useful measure of body fat based on a ratio between height and weight. It categorizes people into different weight ranges from underweight to obese. While it is not a completely accurate model, it does help as a relative measure. The most effective weight loss options for a particular individual can differ depending on the starting BMI, ranging from losing a little weight to losing hundreds of pounds. Let’s explore our patients’ various weight loss options at different BMI strata.

For individuals with a BMI in the normal range (18.5-24.9), losing a little weight may be the ultimate goal. In this case, the focus should be on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, consuming a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Portion control and mindful eating can also be beneficial. Regular physical activity, such as brisk walking, cycling, or swimming, can help burn calories and maintain a healthy weight. Some strength training is also important at these levels. Weightlifting or resistance exercises build muscles that burn calories at rest.

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