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Need to Know: Ozempic, Wegovy & Mounjaro for Weight Loss

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As a leading weight loss surgery practice, many patients with varying degrees of obesity visit us to understand more about their weight loss options beyond diet and exercise. Most patients have tried many options to improve their health and reduce their weight with little success. They are typically frustrated and looking for a more permanent solution. Bariatric surgery has traditionally been one of the few options for patients looking to lose significant weight over the long term when other options have not proven successful. Today, however, many patients have heard of and are exploring diabetes management (Ozempic® & MounjaroTM) and weight loss (Wegovy®) drugs that have taken over the news headlines.

You will have heard of the diabetes drug Ozempic, which has been on the market since 2017. While this drug is indicated for diabetes management, it has also shown exceptional effectiveness as a weight loss catalyst. It has recently been prescribed off-label to such a degree that we now have worldwide shortages. The same drug manufacturer also applied for and was ultimately approved to sell a higher dosage version of Ozempic known as Wegovy as a weight loss drug for qualifying patients 12 and older with obesity. Patients on Wegovy have seen upwards of a 15% reduction in total body weight. Because of this, these drugs have been featured in news and lifestyle articles across the Internet and in print.

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