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How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last?

Toilet paper and hemorrhoid medicine scattered

Hemorrhoids, or piles, can be uncomfortable and even debilitating for many patients. We all have veins in the anus that allow for proper bowel movements. However, when these veins become inflamed, they become itchy and painful for various reasons.

Many cases of hemorrhoids can be treated at home with topical creams like Preparation H. Sitz baths can also help with the discomfort and promote healing. These treatments soothe the anus and mitigate itching as the body recovers. However, many patients wonder how long it will take to eliminate the hemorrhoids and regain their normal function.

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How to Stick To Your Bariatric Diet if You’re Traveling This Summer

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Planning is one of the most crucial components of success after bariatric surgery. Setting expectations, planning meals, and ultimately being deliberate about what you do and when you do, it is often the difference between good and excellent results. However, virtually every bariatric patient will attest to being thrown for a loop when their routine changes. Staying on track is far more complex when removed from a familiar environment. So, what do we do when we are away from home, especially on vacation? With so many of us traveling this summer, we must also apply our routines and good habits to our travels.

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