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Protein Shakes and Heat

Getting started

Some protein shakes cannot take heat, meaning if you would like to use a protein shake as an alternative to creamer in your coffee, you need to be selective to get a good result. As a bariatric patient focusing on losing weight or maintaining weight loss, you will want to be mindful of sugar and fat intake. Fancy barista drinks often pack a punch of both, but going black with your coffee and opting for a protein supplement as “creamer” might be a good option. Premier Protein shakes are one of the few options that can withstand a hot cup of coffee, but are great in iced coffee or cold brew as well. Utilize flavors like vanilla, caramel, or chocolate to whip up familiar coffee house vibes. Both the pre-made and powder options tend to mix nicely into both hot and cold fluids. If you enjoy sweetened up coffee, or think coffee sounds like a good option for cutting those very sweet shakes, give it a try! Just remember, caffeine is a diarrhetic and hydration is always a priority.

Recipe adapted from Premier Protein

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