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Can the Gastric Sleeve be Performed on an Outpatient Basis?

Getting started

Let’s get right to it and say…yes! We are outfitted with the most advanced robotic surgical technology, known as the da Vinci Xi robotic surgical system – specifically created for general surgeries including bariatric surgery.

While we do perform many of our sleeves in the outpatient setting, not all weight loss surgery procedures can be handled at an ambulatory surgery center. Some patients will require an overnight hospital stay. This is especially true for patients that, either due to poor health or other reasons, have a higher risk of complications. For high-risk patients, it is important that they have access to the full breath of hospital services in case of a complication.

Why do we perform our sleeves at an outpatient center when possible?

The reasoning is very simple and revolves around patient care, safety and comfort.

  • We can offer the patient a more personalized experience at an ambulatory surgery center because the staff taking care of our patients, including doctors, nurses and admins are not as hurried.
  • For normal risk patients, we have not found any compromise in safety versus the hospital setting. Ambulatory surgery centers are held to extremely high safety standards and while a serious complication would require transfer to a hospital, this is extremely rare.
  • Patients also like the idea of being able to leave the surgery center on the day of surgery. We believe that most patients are more than capable of taking care of themselves after surgery. Those that have a solid support system at home to help them with daily living for the first several days after surgery will enjoy their freedom outside of the hospital setting.
  • Lastly, but certainly not least, is that many of our patients will appreciate a lower cost as a result of choosing an ambulatory surgery center over the hospital. Depending on the insurance policy, the savings may be dramatic. Further, for patients who do not have insurance to cover surgery, our gastric sleeve cash pay option can be achieved because of the inherent efficiencies of a surgery center.

Ultimately, for qualified patients with normal surgical risk, having a sleeve performed at our surgery center offers many clear advantages with a few potential drawbacks. Our physicians choose their patients very carefully to ensure that an ambulatory surgery center is the best option for them. We encourage you to watch our online bariatric surgery seminar and then schedule a consultation.


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