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Dr. Abbas Discusses Pancreatic Cancer

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Pancreatic cancer effects more than 53,000 people a year and has one of the highest mortality rates when it comes to types of cancer. Countless well-known people have lost their lives while fighting against pancreatic cancer. Dr. Abbas joins News4JAX to discuss why that is.

Dr. Abbas explains where the pancreas is located – a skinny organ at the bottom left of your sternum. Due to its location being closer to the spine than the front, tumors are hard to detect without growing to a life-threatening size. Usually, when smaller tumors are found they are found by accident while getting a scan for something completely unrelated.

Unfortunately, tumors are most commonly found due to the side effects they cause. The pancreas is located near a lot of other important organs, so once the tumor grows to a certain size it may cause side effects elsewhere in the area. Once tumors reach a certain size, they may be difficult to remove.

 Pancreatic cancer can be hereditary, therefore, if you have a family history of pancreatic cancer you will want to stay on top of your screenings. The most accurate tests you can get done to detect pancreatic cancer are imaging tests, which comes with radiation exposure. Talk to your doctor about getting endoscopies or getting scans done in order to catch any diagnosis early.

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