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Does a Peloton Make Sense for Bariatric Patients?

Does a Peloton Make Sense for Bariatric Patients?

Getting started

Stationary bikes like the Peloton might be a good option for bariatric surgery patients to get more active according to MASJax in Jacksonville

There’s no doubt that we, as humans, look for the next great diet or exercise solution. In fact, just judging by the size of the diet and exercise industry in the United States, we probably think about it a lot more than we even realize. So, when a novel product comes on the market, there’s a whole lot of excitement around it. Case in point is the Peloton bike. Marketed as a premium spinning bike, it also offers a subscription-based series of classes that can be taken on demand. But does a Peloton make sense for a bariatric surgery patient?

Before delving into this question, it is important to remember that you need to speak to your bariatric surgeon before starting any new exercise program. You should also remember that in the six to eight weeks after bariatric surgery, you will want to exercise, but you will not want to overdo it. As such, if a Peloton bike is in your sights, you should only start it once you have been cleared by your bariatric team.

What Benefits Does a Peloton Offer?

If you are like most of the rest of us, it can be quite a chore to get into the car, drive 15 or 20 minutes to the gym, only to spend an hour there and drive back. Plus, in today’s COVID filled world, the gym could be unpalatable for some. The Peloton, and other spin bikes like it, offer you the ability to bring a real workout into your home.

As importantly, if not more importantly, the monthly subscription to Peloton offers a virtually unlimited number of classes to choose from with motivating instructors and great music. There is also a feature for competition lovers to track your progress and benchmark your abilities versus other that have taken the class prior.

Things to Consider Prior to Getting a Home Gym Machine

Whether you are considering a Peloton or other home gym equipment, it is important to remember that simply getting it will not make a long-term difference in your life, unless you are ready to commit to the challenge of using it regularly. In the end, the reason most diets and exercise fail, is because we simply aren’t ready to take that next step toward our health.

Bariatric patients should also be aware of potentially overdoing it if they try to advance through the classes too quickly. It is important to start with the beginner level classes and slowly move onto more strenuous classes, as abilities permit. Jumping too far ahead can lead to an injury and being sidelined for weeks or even months.

We encourage you to discuss diet and exercise programs not only with our surgeons and staff here at the office, but also with your support group friends. You may even wish to exercise with one or more of them to keep each other motivated and heading toward your goals. As always, we are here to assist when you need, and we look forward to seeing your amazing results with your new and improved exercise regimen.

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