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Month: August 2020

Emotional Eating Causes and Considerations

August 28, 2020

We’ve all done it. Taking comfort in food. And we all know that comfort food is rarely the healthiest for us. Ice cream, bread, cake, fried foods…the list goes on. Emotional eating is something that virtually everyone indulges in during their lifetime. For bariatric surgery patients, emotional eating can represent an even greater challenge. Why? After bariatric surgery we “deprive” our bodies and mind of the foods that we may have liked or loved most before surgery. Typically, the foods that created our obesity problem are the same one that we crave. The body no longer has those familiar foods to enjoy.

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Pumped Up Protein Mole Sauce

August 21, 2020

Mole sauce can add a fun Mexican pop to many boring meals. This protein fortified recipe offers flavor along with an extra kick of protein. Smother a range of lean proteins or grilled or roasted veggies in this savory, sweet sauce. Because mole sauce is blended, this also offers a puree texture for those early in their post-op diet phases after bariatric surgery. If you have questions about your diet progression, please contact your care team for clarification.

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Do All Hernia Patients Require Surgery?

August 14, 2020

Hernias can occur at any age and are due to a number of factors. However, as we age and the muscle tissue in our bodies begins to degrade, we are more likely to develop a hernia. While having hernia surgery is typically recommended for young, otherwise healthy patients, the decision whether to have hernia surgery becomes less clear as a patient gets older. This is for a number of important reasons, some of which will be discussed here.

Man in gray sweater holds pressure against lower abdominal hernia may need hernia repair. MASJax logo at top center.

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Protein Shakes and Heat

August 7, 2020

Some protein shakes cannot take heat, meaning if you would like to use a protein shake as an alternative to creamer in your coffee, you need to be selective to get a good result. As a bariatric patient focusing on losing weight or maintaining weight loss, you will want to be mindful of sugar and fat intake. Fancy barista drinks often pack a punch of both, but going black with your coffee and opting for a protein supplement as “creamer” might be a good option. Premier Protein shakes are one of the few options that can withstand a hot cup of coffee, but are great in iced coffee or cold brew as well. Utilize flavors like vanilla, caramel, or chocolate to whip up familiar coffee house vibes. Both the pre-made and powder options tend to mix nicely into both hot and cold fluids. If you enjoy sweetened up coffee, or think coffee sounds like a good option for cutting those very sweet shakes, give it a try! Just remember, caffeine is a diarrhetic and hydration is always a priority.

Recipe adapted from Premier Protein

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