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Diet, Obesity » Fat but Fit May Not Truly Exist

Fat but Fit May Not Truly Exist

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Groups and individuals fighting to eliminate the stigma associated with weight have made leaps and bounds over the past many years. This movement has likely helped millions of people overcome significant the mental health issues that surround the weight-based bullying that has increasingly plagued modern society both in the United States and around the world. One of the mantras used in the movement is that what we, medically, consider to be an unhealthy weight can exist alongside overall good health. The concept is that an overweight individual may not be at far greater risk of medical issues if they are exercising and practicing other healthy habits.

Recent research gathered in Europe has shown that this may not, in fact, be the case. Indeed, no matter what our outward symptoms, researchers have shown the opposite. Excess body fat, and abdominal white or visceral fat in particular, has a distinctly negative effect on overall health, positively correlating with morbidity and mortality. Newer research has even shown that waist circumference may be an even better predictor of future heart disease than the body mass index. Or BMI

Our Take

We strongly believe that no human being should be attacked or shamed because of their weight. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go in realizing that excess weight and obesity is caused by a number of factors, not simply eating too much and exercising too little. However, it is incumbent upon all of us to both preach and learn about the dangers of excess weight no matter what lifestyle we follow and live by.

To be sure, there are obese individuals that live long lives without any outward or significant health effects, but they are the exception and not the rule. For most, excess weight and obesity cause a cascade of comorbidities that not only reduce quality of life, but also length of life.

Ultimately, whether it is diet and exercise, medication, non-surgical weight programs or even surgical weight loss, patients need to understand that something must be done about the excess weight epidemic in the United States. It is certainly shameful to bully someone because of their weight, but there is no shame in seeking help to regain your life and health through proper, safe and effective weight loss methods.

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