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Diet » Does Organic Food Help You Lose Additional Weight?

Does Organic Food Help You Lose Additional Weight?

Alongside the question of whether organic food may or may not allow you to lose more weight, there is also the question of whether you should be eating organic food for your general health. And the answer to both is… it depends. Just as with any decision about food, so much depends on your particular circumstances and your goals.

The case for organic food

There is an undeniable benefit or at least a lack of risk associated with organically grown food. Organic food cannot include genetically modified ingredients and cannot be grown using pesticides, synthetic food colorings or other artificial additives. As such, one could say there is a clear benefit to eating organic food, especially if you believe that pesticides or GMO foods are detrimental to your health. That said, there has not been conclusive evidence that either affects us in a significant way.

Organic food is also, typically, less processed and closer to its original, natural state. We’ve discussed extensively how excess sodium and other additives can make healthy ingredients decidedly bad for you. And this is certainly the case with highly processed foods that many of us were eating prior to surgery. If eating organic means eating fresher, more wholesome and more nutritious foods, then yes it has both the benefit of better overall health and the benefit of allowing you to lose additional weight.

The case “against” organic food

There truly is no case against consuming organic food if all other things were equal. However, the biggest concern about organic food is its cost. Organic foods can be two or even three times more than their conventional counterparts, so they may be unattainable for some. Alternately, one could decide to consume certain organic products and go conventional with others.

Similarly, there has not been definitive, conclusive evidence that conventional food is any less safe or nutritious than organic food, despite the fact that pesticides may be used and the ingredients themselves may be genetically modified. Ultimately, if organic food is unavailable due to cost or seasonality, conventional wholesome foods offer a significant benefit as well.

Bariatric patients have a significant benefit above and beyond losing weight and getting healthier. And this is the financial savings associated with eating less, taking fewer pills, having fewer doctor visits and generally being more productive in work and life. Often times, this financial liberty allows patients to invest in healthier, fresher, even organic foods. Regardless, however, it is important that all patients eliminate their consumption of highly processed foods and start shopping the walls in the grocery store, which usually have the more wholesome and more nutritious fruits vegetables and meats that we should be consuming on a daily basis.

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