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Do You Have “Responsibilities” after Weight Loss Surgery

Woman eating bowl of salad after bariatric surgery

Many potential bariatric patients erroneously think that bariatric surgery is a magic bullet and that the procedure alone will correct their excess weight and obesity-related health problems. Patients who go into the surgical process thinking that all their issues will be handled in one fall swoop are unknowingly perpetuating the stigma that we try to fight – that bariatric surgery is the easy way out. Let’s talk about why patients may believe that surgery will resolve all their issues. The reason for this is simple:

About 90% of obese patients who try to lose weight through diet and exercise alone fail to do so. They may lose 50 or even 100 pounds, but in time that weight often returns, and they can sometimes gain even more. On the other hand, patients who have bariatric surgery see the flip side of those results. About 90% of patients can maintain significant weight loss over the long term. It must be the surgery, therefore, right? Not exactly.

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Sleep Series Part 1: How Poor Sleep Can Cause Excess Weight

Woman stretching after good night's sleep

When you think about losing weight, you probably don’t think about sleeping, and it’s not your fault. Fitness and health communities tend to cover topics such as weightlifting, cardio, what you’re eating, what body type you want, and more, but they hardly ever respect just how important sleep is to your health and weight in the long run. So, the next time you think about skipping your Zzz, consider how your health could be taking the L.  See why below.

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