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Month: May 2020

Dr. Crean On News4Jax Discussing Stress Effects (Hemorrhoids) During COVID-19

May 31, 2020

Full Transcript, Slightly Edited for Ease of Reading

News4JAX – During this time of uncertainty, with COVID-19, it’s no surprise people are dealing with much added stress. Unfortunately, that can cause health problems, including hemorrhoid flare-ups. According to Harvard Health, more than 75% of people, ages 45 and older, have had hemorrhoids with symptoms like rectal pain, itching and bleeding after a bowel movement. Joining me now with more, is Dr. Alex Crean from Memorial Hospital. Dr. Crean, thank you so much for joining us this morning

Dr. Crean – Good morning Zack thank you for having me.

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How Can Primary Care Physicians Best Manage Patients with Obesity?

May 22, 2020

The obesity trend continues to rise in the United States with exceptionally severe consequences. Along with the exponential rise in obesity over the past several decades, we have seen a commensurate rise in type-2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, esophageal cancer and the incidence or worsening of many other cancers including breast, uterine and prostate. Unfortunately, the standard advice on how to lose weight, diet and exercise, begins to lose effectiveness once the patient becomes obese. Indeed, only about 5 to 10% of all of these patients are able to lose weight and maintain that weight loss over the long-term using diet and exercise alone. For those other 90 to 95% of patients, life can continue with yo-yo dieting, binge eating and a great deal of frustration that goes along with it. Similarly, weight loss pills are merely temporary solutions that will allow patients to regain the weight once the pill is no longer being taken.

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Is Diverticulosis Hereditary?

May 6, 2020

When discussing colon health, it is important to understand more about diverticular disease and one of its most common sub-conditions, diverticulosis. Diverticulosis a very common problem that can alternately cause serious follow-on conditions, or no symptoms at all. The colon is a very sensitive organ that plays in important part in the digestive system. Proper colon health can not only make life easier, but it also avoids many serious medical issues and even surgery in some cases. However, with our collectively worsened diets in the United States, poor colon health has led to an increase in bowel related issues, colon and rectal cancer, diverticulosis and resultant diverticulitis.

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