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Month: March 2020

Should I Cancel My Office Appointment or Surgery Due to Coronavirus?

March 27, 2020

Did you know that many doctors and nurses, at one point or another, have had anxiety and serious concern about the myriad of diseases that we as humans are exposed to? Imagine you are ready for a career helping other people and you begin to learn about how many ways there are to get sick – from genetic predisposition through infectious disease. It’s enough to send you over the edge.

As a result, as surgeons, we know all too well that times of widespread disease and great uncertainty, such as those we are dealing with now, can be anxiety inducing and downright scary. Plus, the days and weeks leading up to surgery are nerve wracking even when we don’t have a spreading health issue to contend with.

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Diabetes and The Risk of Severe Complications from Coronavirus

March 20, 2020

General thinking on coronavirus has shifted from prevention to mitigation of disease spread. Virtually every country in the world and every state in the US will be affected to some degree. This is no surprise as the world has become smaller and global travel and commerce is easier than ever before.

While we have all heard and should follow CDC recommendations about washing hands, not touching our face and selectively self-quarantining and calling appropriate medical professionals if we believe we may have been infected, there are some additional tips that we, as metabolic surgical experts can offer to further reduce risk, both in bariatric and non-bariatric patient populations.

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Is Weight Loss Surgery the Easy Way Out?

March 6, 2020

By Hussain Abbas, MD, FACS, Minimally Invasive Surgeon at MASJax

One of the very common question that I hear from my patients when I ask what delayed them in coming in and seeing me for their excess weight is: “Everybody’s telling me surgery is the easy route out.”

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