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Comprehensive GERD / Reflux Treatment

Welcome to Dr. Steve Webs’s GERD treatment program at MASJax in Jacksonville, Florida. If you have reached this page, you may be wondering what you can do about gastroesophageal reflux disease or chronic acid reflux. GERD often worsens, even with lifestyle change and medical treatment. Therefore, discussing your symptoms with a highly experienced surgeon like Dr. Webb is your first step to more permanent relief. You can use the form below to sign up for a consultation with Dr. Webb or call: (904) 585-9012

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Not all cases of GERD require surgery, but left untreated or under-treated, GERD can lead to more serious conditions including narrowing of the esophagus and even pre-cancerous or cancerous changes. It is best not to ignore your symptoms and rather speak to a GERD expert like Dr. Webb as soon as possible. In the video below, you can learn more about Dr. Webb and feel free to schedule a consultation by using the form above or by calling: (904) 585-9012

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