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Paying for Bariatric Surgery

Foremost in most people’s minds when they are considering whether or not to undergo bariatric surgery is concern about the cost of surgery. There’s no doubt that the cost of weight loss surgery is significant, however many who need this life-changing procedure may not realize that it is more affordable than they think, especially over the long-term.

Beyond the aesthetic benefits of weight loss and increased confidence, weight loss surgery has a profound effect on a person’s life and lifestyle – it is transformative. Some tips to help pay for surgery include:


Speak to your employer’s human resources department or your health insurance company to fully understand the benefits provided for bariatric surgery. Many insurance companies understand the financial benefits (both to you and them) of undergoing surgery to correct significant diseases such as obesity, and as a result, may cover some or all of the cost of surgery. Learn more about insurance coverage

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If you don’t have insurance coverage for the procedure, you can also explore financing options through family members, secured and unsecured loans, or third-party vendors. Learn more about financing

Self/Cash Pay

You may also be able to receive cash pay discounts from the hospital or surgical facility at which the procedure is performed. In some cases, these discounts can be significant. Learn more about cash pay

No matter what the form of payment, the cost benefits after a successful surgery are many. Obesity comes with a huge cost, to the individual, the insurance company and society. In many cases, weight loss surgery can pay for itself in just a few years after surgery. Successful patients may save money on medication, doctor visits, specialists and emergency care.

Patients should be mindful that weight loss surgery is still major surgery and each payment option has benefits and possible risks. Therefore, speaking to a financial counselor, and discussing options with their bariatric team will go a long way to understanding the true benefits and costs of surgery.

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