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Hernia Treatment With Dr. Abbas

Welcome to Dr. Husain Abbas’ practice at MASJax in Jacksonville, Florida. If you have reached this page, you may be wondering whether you have a hernia, or what your treatment options may be if you know you already do. A hernia is progressive, meaning it will only get worse. Therefore, discussing your symptoms with a highly experienced surgeon like Dr. Abbas is your first step, as soon as you think you may have a hernia. You can use the form below to sign up for a consultation with Dr. Abbas or call: (904) 585-9012.

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Not all hernias require surgery, but it is best not to ignore your symptoms as there is a chance of incarceration or strangulation that can turn a normally routine elective procedure into an emergency. In the video below, Dr. Abbas discusses the anatomy of a hernia as well as potential treatment options. Of course, it is best to schedule a consultation as soon as possible and speak to Dr. Abbas further about your hernia and its symptoms. You can do so by using the form above or by calling: (904) 585-9012.

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