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Gallbladder Aftercare

Gallbladder Aftercare

Recovery from gallbladder surgery is similar to that of other abdominal surgical procedures performed laparoscopically. However, since the gallbladder is removed completely from the body, there are very few postoperative restrictions.

Potential Complications

The biggest complication we look out for is infection. If you notice swelling, redness, pain or discharge increasing over the time of your recovery, if you see red lines from the incision sites on your skin, or if you develop a fever, please call the office immediately, as these may be signs of infection. You will also not be able to drive until at least 24-hours after stopping narcotic medication. Some patients will not require narcotic medication, but even they should not drive for the first several days after surgery.

Wound care is also critically important to avoid infection. Anytime you or someone assisting you touches the wound or the area around it, they should wash their hands beforehand. Do not use any ointments or antibacterial gels on the wound unless expressly directed by your surgeon.

Your follow up appointment will take place approximately two weeks after your procedure, at which point your surgeon will evaluate your progress.

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