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Blue Distinctions Center for Bariatric Surgery in Jacksonville, FL

MASJax Continues to be Certified as a Blue Distinctions Center for Bariatric Surgery

The MASJax team is pleased to announce we have once again been recognized and certified as a Blue Distinctions Center for Bariatric Surgery. Our bariatric surgeons & bariatric team continue to provide the highest level of specialized & cost-efficient care to our bariatric patients. We offer a comprehensive program that includes excellent pre/post op surgical care, ongoing nutrition education, and long-term follow-up support. Blue Distinction Centers are also recognized as having lower complication rates and fewer readmissions from surgical procedures. It is an honor to achieve this designation, and we are so proud of our caring, hard-working team, who each touch the lives of our patients as we walk the weight loss surgery journey together.

What is a Blue Distinctions Certification?

Blue Distinctions Centers are recognized by Blue Cross and Blue Shield for the exceptional care and completeness of the program provided to patients. Programs labeled as Blue Distinctions Centers have surgeons and providers with a high level of experience and skill in their specialty and offer ample support throughout the multiple stages of treatment, not just in the operating room. Treating patients with the highest quality of care from the time they begin considering weight loss surgery into their long-term recovery and maintenance phase is critical. Quality is measured based on patient safety and outcomes within the specialty.

To obtain a Blue Distinctions Center certification, a bariatric center must be nationally accredited, hold a bariatric surgery program accreditation, and meet a bariatric surgery case volume with rigorously judged quality criteria. Each of these requires meticulous work to go above and beyond basic care.

While Blue Distinctions is a Blue Cross Blue Shield program, the benefits of seeking a Blue Distinctions Center for Bariatric Surgery do not only apply to those covered by BCBS. This program highlights the best care for all bariatric patients.

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MASJax is proud to serve Florida as an MBSAQIP accredited bariatric program. The Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP) serves as the accreditation program for both the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS). This is the standardized measure by which bariatric programs are nationally accredited and standardized. MBSAQIP accreditation aims to promote safe and high-quality bariatric care to patients across the US. Accreditation demonstrates a program’s ability to maintain the necessary physical and staff resources and high standards of practice. The MBSAQIP requires all accredited programs to report their outcomes to the MBSAQIP database. We are proud to uphold these standards year after year.

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Why Choose an Accredited and Blue Distinctions Center for Bariatric Surgery Facility?

Simply put, MBSAQIP accredited, and Blue Distinctions recognized centers have proven they highly value patient safety and the best bariatric care. These designations show care beyond the baseline. When undergoing a life-changing procedure like a sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass, you need a specialized, experienced, knowledgeable team to support you. You want to be well prepared at each step. You want the best possible care and providers you can trust and rely on. Blue Distinctions Centers are measured for patient value on top of the many other program qualify factors taken into account. Accreditation factors in metrics like outcomes and safety, patient satisfaction and feedback, preparedness for the unexpected, and progress towards continued improvement. Our team and facilities are constantly pushing forward to keep skills sharp and create better for our patients.

We welcome interested patients to start their weight loss surgery by viewing our online bariatric seminar or attending a live seminar event with one of our board-certified surgeons. Both options are free and offer an overview of the obesity treatment options available and kick off your journey toward a healthier weight through bariatric surgery. If you have questions about bariatric surgery, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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